As technological advances continue through the 21st century, commercial, military and government sectors become part of a much smaller global village; however, the complexities involved in managing and maintaining these operations have increased exponentially. In a growing number of cases, outsourcing and global solutions have attached to them significant risks in terms of delivery, quality and availability. The intricacies involved in delivering products or services to the eventual customer seem incomprehensible when considering all of the risks and pitfalls that may wreak havoc on operations and lead to negative impacts on financial costs, public health, safety, and the environment.

Consider the following:

40% to 70%

of the high risk, high cost causes, that lead to poor reliability are found below Pareto's 80% threshold.

Mathematical analyses will not uncover the true reliability issues.

70% to 85%

of today's technological knowledge is transferred on the job by way of unscientific "rule-of-thumb" methods.

"Rule-of-thumb" training is cheap, but the results always lead to expensive errors.

30% to 80%

of the spares held by enterprises are the wrong spares.

The wrong sparing solution ultimately costs in terms of delayed missions and operations.

60% to 85%

of today's enterprises ineffectively communicate throughout the organization.

Low communication effectiveness translates into poor resource utilization and an inability to respond to changing demands.

40% to 75%

of today's enterprises are organized to fail.

How work actually gets done is more than the sum of the organizational structure.

50% to 75%

of today's enterprises do not stay current with changing operational and maintenance requirements.

Your competition knows this and takes advantage of the factors most often overlooked.

75% to 90%

of today's enterprises are made up of the wrong skill sets.

Having the wrong skills translates to higher costs, lower quality and an inability to deliver.

40% to 60%

of industrial incidents/accidents are a direct result of poor human interface factors.

Poor human factors are also one leading cause that leads to humans erring more often.

25% to 40%

additional operating costs are incurred because of poor facility layouts.

Avoid all the wrong moves for all the wrong reasons that lower productivity every time.

45% to 80%

of today's enterprises are unable to duplicate quality due to a lack of process knowledge.

Unscientific process decisions based on a lack of process knowledge leads to consistently unscientific results.

40% to 70%

of the support systems in today's enterprises are misaligned causing delays in the delivery of missions, products and services.

Misaligned support systems guarantees failures will be repeated successfully.

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